Beth Chinkens


Beth chicken (your number one free range chicken) we are focusing on producing healthy and happy chickens through ethical techniques that put a premium on animal welfare where the chickens are allowed to grow as naturally as possible. Our chickens they go outside doring the day to take extra exercises and are, as a result, happier and healthier as they grow. The very first benefit to health provided is the quality of meat which is much better than other forms of chicken. The reason for this is the fact that our free range chickens have access to various insects and organisms which are rich in protein and other minerals. Another major benefit of the free range chickens is the is no presence of antibiotics in the meat and the entire body.

Buying our free range or organic poultry products is very likely going to cost you a little more in the supermarket tills you can get it with good price at our farm, the health benefits of eating free range chickens may well be worth it! Chickens are some of the most consumed products in the market and a good source of white meat and proteins. If there was a better place to spend your healthy eating budget, it is by buying our free range chicken products